Laboratory version of Fritz OS 7.50: The Fritzfon learns to speak

Usually, AVM initially provides the laboratory versions for the most popular models in order to use the feedback to improve future versions for other Fritz boxes and Fritz accessories. For which Fritzbox there is a current laboratory version, you can see on the website Fritz OS as a laboratory version should not be installed on a Fritzbox that is used for daily Internet and WLAN access. The beta firmware can run unstable and cause the Fritzbox to crash.

The more advanced the laboratory development is, the lower the risk of a router failure. Problems can still arise with special applications such as IPTV or the correct integration of smart home devices. If you are prepared for this, you can install a laboratory version to try it out without risk and, if you have problems, quickly import the official Fritz OS at the time.

AVM has refreshed the look of the Fritzbox menu with Fritz OS 7.50. The colors look more modern and the menus are structured more clearly. The new Fritzbox interface should also be easier to use via smartphone.