Labor dispute of the GDL: Court rejects appeal against strike

Status: 03.09.2021 2:19 p.m.

In the second instance, the Hessian State Labor Court rejected an injunction against the GDL strike requested by the railway. This means that the strike can continue until next week.

According to a court order, the train drivers’ strike can continue as planned until Tuesday morning. The Hessian state labor court announced that it had rejected the appeal of the Deutsche Bahn, with which the company wanted to stop the labor dispute of the GDL union.

On Thursday, the Frankfurt Labor Court had rejected an urgent application by the railway against the GDL strike. A court spokeswoman justified this with the fact that “it was not possible to establish with sufficient certainty” that the strike was “pursuing inadmissible collective bargaining goals”.

GDL: Bahn has to make an offer

After the first judgment, Claus Weselsky had declared: “We will continue the labor dispute until this Deutsche Bahn AG makes a materially reasonable offer,” said the GDL boss. “We are always ready to negotiate when Deutsche Bahn makes an offer.”

The GDL rejected an improved offer from the group management on Wednesday and refused negotiations. One of the main reasons for the rejection is the fact that the offer of the railway should not apply to all GDL members. According to GDL boss Weselsky, the railway planned to limit the scope of a new collective agreement to the drivers, as before. “This makes it clear that DB wants to withdraw some of the GDL members’ constitutional rights,” the unionist told “Spiegel”. This threatens to split the union with first and second class members.

Marcus Pfeiffer, HR, on the decision of the labor court in the rail strike

daily news 2 p.m., September 3, 2021

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