Kyrie Irving suspended by the Nets!

New twist in the soap opera Kyrie Irving.

Since he did the promotion on social networks of an anti-Semitic filmthe All-Star leader is making headlines and has clearly embarrassed the NBA. So much so that the owners of brooklyn got involved and that pushed the to commission Adam Silver to want to meet himdespite his sluggish explanations in the press or of his $500,000 donation to groups that work against all forms of hatred.

Therefore, like Kyrie Irving is currently unfit to be associated with the team », them net purely and simply decided to suspend him, without pay, for a period of at least five games! At least »because he will not return to the workforce until he brings satisfaction to his leaders on a series of measures, objective and corrective, which respond to the harmful impact of his behavior “.

In its press release, the New York franchise thus condemns the conduct of its player and adds that the inability to [Kyrie Irving] to disavow anti-Semitism, when given the clear opportunity to do so, is deeply troubling “. Indeed, the Nets say to themselves “ appalled » by the fact that he cannot say « unequivocally that he does not hold any anti-Semitic beliefs “.

Because the Brooklyn sanction comes only a few hours after Kyrie Irving did not wish to formulate, in public, an apology for his behavior. Repeating that he took responsibility for his message, but that he did not want ” cause harm to anyone, because he had not made the documentary and explaining above all, about his anti-Semitic opinions, that he ” couldn’t be if he knew where he came from »…

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