Kramertunnel: Construction company shows willingness to negotiate – Bavaria

In the dispute over the further construction of the Kramer Tunnel near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the Tyrolean tunnel construction group BeMo and its sister company Subterra, which is also involved, have expressed their willingness to continue negotiations with the Weilheim State Building Authority. Due to ongoing disagreements over additional construction costs of more than 50 million euros, both sides terminated the contract for the major project concluded in 2019. The companies had previously withdrawn all employees from the construction site, and work on Bavaria’s longest road tunnel has been suspended since August 11th.

At a court hearing at the end of August, the building authority wanted to have the accrued additional demands declared excessive and unfounded, but the leading BeMo forestalled this by terminating the contract. The building authority then terminated the contract. The authority had spoken in court of claims totaling 52 million euros, of which six million had been paid.

In a statement on Friday, BeMo now puts the controversial amount at 60 million plus interest. The additional costs arose due to geological peculiarities in the Kramer massif, the Corona crisis and global delivery bottlenecks. Nevertheless, “if everyone involved has the honest will” they are confident that they can still find a good solution together. Despite the layoffs, the building authority also recently relied on this, but at the same time demanded that BeMo leave behind machines and materials for a fee so that other companies can continue the work quickly. However, it will probably take many months before the remaining work is re-tendered and other companies are found. It would therefore be practically impossible for the last-mentioned opening date of the end of 2025 and also the most recent cost calculation of 365 million euros to be maintained.

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