Köthen: A man buys a used kitchen – and finds 150,000 euros in it

A man buys a used kitchen for 240 euros – and finds 150,000 euros in it

The honest finder from Köthen brought the money to the police and is to receive a four-digit finder’s fee (symbol image)

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A man from Köthen bought a used kitchen online and was amazed when he found 150,000 euros in cash behind a drawer. The police have now located a 91-year-old from Halle/Saale as the alleged owner of the money.

The police found a 91-year-old from Halle an der Saale as the alleged owner of 150,000 euros, which a man found in a used kitchen. The officials wrote to the seller of the furniture via the online sales platform and he answered quickly, as police spokeswoman Astrid Kuchta said in Köthen on Wednesday. The man was commissioned by the 91-year-old to sell the kitchen in a household resolution.

The buyer from Köthen, who paid 240 euros for the kitchen, found two cash boxes with the cash hidden behind a drawer while cleaning. He took the money to the police.

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The owner knew nothing about the money

The honest finder told the MDR TV magazine “Brisant” that it was nice that the right owner had been found. He himself is entitled to a finder’s fee of 4,500 euros. They should benefit the youth housing project that he runs.

According to the police spokeswoman, the 91-year-old, who lives in a nursing home, was surprised at the sum. Her deceased husband took care of everything. The money is now with the responsible district court, the old lady has to provide proof of ownership for the money. Several media had reported on the case and the enlightenment.


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