Knife attack in Zug: what is known so far – Panorama

Two people were killed and seven others injured in a knife attack on a regional train in Schleswig-Holstein. The police confirmed this in the evening. In addition, the alleged perpetrator, who has since been arrested, was “moderately injured,” as a police spokeswoman for the SZ said.

How the deed went

The incident happened in the afternoon on the RE 70 regional express, which runs between Kiel and Hamburg. The first alarm from one of the passengers was received by the police at 2.58 p.m., after which further emergency calls quickly followed. About 70 passengers were on the train, police said.

The train then came to a standstill in the station in the small town of Brokstedt in the Steinburg district. After that, a police spokeswoman reported for the SZ, “the scene shifted to the platform.” First responders could have arrested and restrained the alleged perpetrator there until the police arrived.

In a report by Lübeck news It was said that people on the train panicked when three girls rushed into a carriage and reported about a man with a knife. When the train stopped in Brokstedt, the passengers fled the wagons in a hurry.

The police operation and the train traffic on the route

After the crime, the police closed the train station and the platforms. The uninjured passengers were questioned at a nearby inn, and the seriously injured were taken to hospitals. Several forensic officers working in white protective overalls were on the train and on the platform in the evening.

Train traffic on the route between Hamburg and Kiel or Flensburg was stopped, as reported by Deutsche Bahn. Not only regional trains were affected, but also IC and ICE connections.

The alleged perpetrator

The man who attacked the train passengers was taken to a clinic after the fact. According to Schleswig-Holstein Interior Minister Sabine Sütterlin-Waack (CDU), the alleged perpetrator is a stateless Palestinian. According to police, he is 33 years old. As the German Press Agency writes, there are indications from security circles that the man could be mentally confused. So far he has not been noticed as an extremist. how picture and World write, the man is said to have previously become conspicuous for various crimes and was still in custody until a few days ago.

reactions to the fact

Minister of the Interior Sütterlin-Waack was informed about the crime at around 3.45 p.m. during a state parliament session. “It’s terrible, we’re all shocked and appalled that something like this happened,” she told NDR. The police and the federal police, who are responsible for rail traffic and security at the stations, are at the scene with strong forces. In addition, the public prosecutor’s office and a crisis intervention team. The minister herself also drove to Brokstedt that evening. She thanked the police and rescue workers for their efforts. “It is clear to me that the horrific act is against all humanity,” she said.

Also Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has spoken out and expressed her sympathy. “All our thoughts are with the victims of this terrible act and their families,” wrote Faeser on Twitter.

Schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) spoke of a terrible and senseless act. “Schleswig-Holstein is mourning – it’s a terrible day,” said Günther. His thoughts and prayers are with those affected, with everyone who mourned the loss of a loved one or feared for the injured. Günther thanked the emergency services for their work and also those who had taken care of the passengers and witnesses on the train and the injured.

The German train wrote in a statement: “Our deepest sympathy goes to the families of the victims. We wish the injured a speedy and full recovery”.

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