Kim Jong-us new super weapon – North Korea fires hypersonic missile – Politics abroad

A day after the armed forces of Japan, South Korea and the United States reported the launch of an unidentified projectile, North Korea released the first photo of the country’s supposedly first hypersonic missile test.

According to “Rodong Sinmun”, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers’ Party of North Korea, the missile is the developed hypersonic missile “Hwasong-8”.

The “Hwasong-8” reaches a hypersonic speed and exceeds Mach 5, that is five times the speed of sound. The launch would be another step forward for North Korea’s growing arsenal. The ruler Kim Jong-un describes this missile as a pure deterrent.

The rocket was fired from Toyang-ri in Jagang province, the state news agency KCNA said. The development of the hypersonic missile is one of the priority tasks of the five-year plan for the development of defense science and the weapons system in the field of strategic weapons, according to the KCNA. North Korea wants to expand its defense capabilities by a “thousandfold”.

The North Korean missile launch is the third this month. Pyongyang had already conducted several missile tests earlier this month, firing a new long-range cruise missile and short-range ballistic missiles. For years, North Korea has been promoting the development of missiles that not only hit South Korea and Japan, but can also carry nuclear warheads as far as the USA. The country has declared itself a nuclear power. However, in light of the negotiations on its controversial nuclear program, its status is being kept open. However, the US negotiations with North Korea have not progressed for more than two and a half years.

The National Security Council in South Korea expressed its regret over the renewed missile test in the neighboring country. In addition, President Moon Jae In ordered a “thorough analysis” of the trial launch and recent statements from North Korea about relations between the two countries. The new test is a “provocation”.

The influential sister of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong, announced a few days ago that talks with South Korea would be resumed, including a new summit meeting. However, South Korea must abandon its hostile stance. She also accused Seoul of applying “double standards” when it comes to self-defense measures in their country.

North Korea’s UN Ambassador Kim Song accused the United States and South Korea again on Monday of applying double standards when it comes to weapons programs. During the general debate at the UN General Assembly, Kim accused the United States of pursuing hostile policies against his country – something Washington denies. Kim called on the US to end its joint military maneuvers with South Korea once and for all. “If the US takes a bold decision and abandons its hostile policies, we will respond readily at any time.

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