Khao San Fifty 8 in the Westend: The whole world as a snack – Munich

Khao San Fifty 8 is the old Rüen Thai that was a Munich institution. “Thai tapas” are now served, otherwise almost everything has remained the same. And that’s good.

For a long time, tapas in Munich were the culinary extension of a holiday in Spain, but now there are appetizers of all origins. They are available as Bavarian tapas in the form of a mongdratzer with a tongue or a little Lüngerl, chicken feet in dim sum style become Vietnamese tapas, lentil balls with biscuits and tamarinds become Indian tapas. The whole world as a bite, which is a nice touch because you can taste such a wide spectrum of the respective cuisine. You sometimes end up wondering how big the bill is, leading a friend to suggest that the tapas trend is just a new name for smaller appetizers for the same price.

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