Kaufbeuren: Festival “film time” before the end – Bavaria

The future of the Allgäu author film festival “Filmzeit” is uncertain. After the entire board of the sponsoring association had resigned, the general meeting recently decided to dissolve “Filmzeitkaufbeuren eV”. Whether and how the festival, which was launched in 2008, can be continued in a different organizational structure and with a new concept is currently being negotiated. Other locations, a smaller format, maybe a different date – a lot is under scrutiny.

There is a glimmer of hope. According to director Birgit Kern-Harasymiw, the city of Kaufbeuren has signaled that it will continue to support “Filmzeit”. “There is hope to organize a small 16th festival edition this October with ‘Children’s Film Time’, with ‘School Film Time’ and perhaps with a reduced main competition (…) in the Kaufbeur City Theater,” said Kern-Harasymiw.

The association, which was founded in 2009, was dissolved after the resignation of the board of directors and after nobody wanted to take responsibility for the posts, i.e. no successors could be found. In her summary, the festival director admitted that “all in all” she had reached far too few people. Rarely sold out events and hardly any young viewers are some of the points of criticism. “Blaming the pandemic alone would be too easy,” it said.

“Filmzeit” was founded in 2008 as “Filmzeitkaufbeuren” by Roman Harasymiw. The independent auteur film festival for short films up to 40 minutes long has since made a name for itself nationwide; since 2020 there have been other venues in Kempten and Immenstadt.

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