Karlsfeld: Women drive eleven hours on a freight train – Munich

The two stowaways were on an iron frame on which truck trailers rest. When the federal police spotted them just before their destination, they were covered in brake dust and dirt.

Two women drove as stowaways on a freight train from Bremen to just before Munich. Federal police officers discovered the two on Wednesday evening on the freight train in Karlsfeld near Munich. According to their own statements, the 27 and 32-year-old women boarded the train in Bremen on Tuesday evening and wanted to travel to Munich.

The emergency department of Deutsche Bahn reported to the federal police on Wednesday morning that people had been spotted on the freight train. In fact, the officers discovered the two women on the last wagon. They had traveled in a space in the so-called tub, an iron frame on which the truck trailers that were loaded on the freight train rested. According to the federal police, the two were full of brake dust and dirt.

Because of the operation, the Munich-Treuchtlingen-Ingolstadt route had to be closed for around an hour, which led to significant restrictions. The officers released the two women after the police measures were completed. The federal police are now investigating fraudulently obtaining benefits.

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