Karl Lauterbach in the press: “Potential to become Germany’s biggest pain in the ass”

New Minister of Health
“Karl Lauterbach has the potential to become Germany’s biggest pain in the ass”

Karl Lauterbach (SPD), designated Federal Minister for Health

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“It will be” – with these words the future Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced Karl Lauterbach as the next Minister of Health. Can Germany get the pandemic better under control with the proven expert? This is how the press comments on the Lauterbach personnel.

So far, Karl Lauterbach has been the most urgent admonisher in the pandemic – for some a high-profile corona explainer, for others simply a nonsense or just a pain in the ass. Now he tries with determination and optimism. “An important goal must be to bring the number of cases down so much that we can recommend trips without endangering people,” said Lauterbach on Monday with a view to Christmas. A few minutes beforehand, the likely future Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that the Rhinelander would be the next Minister of Health in Berlin’s Willy Brandt House.

On the small stage in the SPD headquarters, he announces: “We will win the fight against the pandemic, and we will be better equipped for further pandemics.” The self-set bar for Lauterbach is high. He himself says that vaccination will play the central role – “but not only”.

“It is no longer enough to make demands on talk shows”

This is how the newspapers comment on Lauterbach’s appointment as Minister of Health.

“Badisches Tagblatt”: “Lauterbach will have to expose themselves to many lobbyists in the health care shark tank who only have their own well-being in mind. Everyone would vehemently deny that, but of course there will be medical associations, health insurance companies, charities, the pharmaceutical industry, physiotherapists and each of them are significant ‘service providers’ Only praise Lauterbach if he takes on the position presented. Otherwise you will quickly lower your thumbs. The German health system, recognized and admired around the world, is overregulated. State planning and control run counter to private-sector interests and profit expectations. Private and state are sensitive to this Area mostly not together. Lauterbach can build on his specialist knowledge. But what does that mean when the lobbyists’ perseverance and defensive struggles are relentless?

“Rheinpfalz”: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, next to the previous Minister Jens Spahn, no health politician has been as present as Karl Lauterbach. Whether on social media or on TV talk shows: The SPD man relentlessly shares his assessment of the Corona situation. (… ) Now Lauterbach can and must show that he can not only speak smartly, but that he is also able to organize the fight against Corona. His predecessor has often reached his limits the social democrat has the potential to make a good health minister. And he has the potential to become Germany’s biggest pain in the ass. One does not have to rule out the other, by the way. “

“Nürnberger Zeitung”: “Lauterbach will now have to slip out of his Cassandra role and into that of the crisis manager, a metamorphosis that many would wish for, who only complain about deficits, but slim down when practical assistance is required. After all he has the right educational background. Now the new health minister has to deliver. He doesn’t have much time for that. “

“Weser Courier”: “Olaf Scholz is taking a risk with this persona. With Karl Lauterbach, he has brought technical knowledge into the cabinet, but also an uncomfortable man who likes to warn and polarize. If Lauterbach succeeds, the corona policy is back on a clear course it would also be a triumph for Scholz. “

“General newspaper”: “What his critics should acknowledge: Lauterbach faced the discussion like no one else despite massive hostility. Even if the role of the permanent warning is a very unpopular one. He is now likely to be the first minister who owes his appointment primarily to his long-term media presence. only afterwards his work in the party or Bundestag. But it is no longer enough to make demands on talk shows. Instead, he has to organize and communicate the fight against Corona from the top level – and in doing so take politics, medical professionals and, above all, the population with him on the major controversial subject of compulsory vaccination, which he himself helped to initiate. He also has to deal with fundamental problems such as the lack of nursing staff practically on the side. To describe all of this as a Herculean task would be an understatement. “

“Südkurier”: “From a political point of view it is a risky decision. But in the end Olaf Scholz couldn’t get past him: Karl Lauterbach, Corona TV preacher of the nation, becomes Minister of Health. There is no doubt about his professional suitability: The SPD man, by profession Medical practitioner, many predictions were correct in the Corona crisis – which CDU predecessor Jens Spahn can hardly say about himself. Whether Lauterbach has the necessary instinct for his difficult office remains to be seen. year-old Rhinelander especially the TV talk shows, as he is not afraid to get his opinion right to the point. Enduring and convincing dissenters is not one of the strengths of the new minister. But this task comes down to him as head of the health department to. Lauterbach will also be measured by whether he succeeds in taking the wind out of the sails of the skeptics and naysayers. “

“The New Day”: “Who would have believed two years ago that the post of health minister could one day be one of the most important in the formation of a new government? But then Corona came, and now the future Chancellor Olaf Scholz cannot help but enter the cabinet with Karl Lauterbach – despite a lot of friction between the two in the past. As if overcoming the crisis weren’t already a mammoth task enough, Lauterbach sees himself facing the steadily growing wave of anger and hatred from parts of society in an even more prominent position in the future. All the more his due Respect for taking over the office. Because in these crazy times every objective voice is needed. “

“Reutlinger General-Anzeiger”: “Nevertheless, it is understandable that Lauterbach was chosen. Even if there is a danger in this matter. Anyone who is a health minister has to do more than shine with knowledge. It is not enough to list studies and arguments. The political task This difficult office is to win people over, to forge compromises between doctors and associations, states and federal government, between government and parliament. Whether the loner Lauterbach is up to this task, he still has to prove. Therein lies the risk of this Personnel, but also the opportunity. At the same time, Lauterbach could also mature into a real super minister in his office, who ideally combines specialist knowledge and feasibility. “


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