Justin Lin: “Fast & Furious” director quits

Justin Lin
“Fast & Furious” director quits

Justin Lin performing in San Diego.

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Justin Lin announced a few days after filming began that he would no longer be directing Fast X. What’s behind it?

Justin Lin (50) turns his back on the “Fast & Furious” series: The filmmaker should direct “Fast X”, the tenth part of the film series. He has now announced that he is no longer active in this role. The 50-year-old, who co-wrote the film with Dan Mazeau and directed five previous films in the franchise, shared on Instagram: “With the support of Universal, I have made the difficult decision to step down as director of FAST X.” He added that he will continue to work on the project as a producer.

The statement continued: “Over ten years and five films we were able to shoot the best actors, the best stunts and the best damn car chases.” Personally, as a child of Asian immigrants, he is proud to have helped build the most diverse franchise in film history. He will be forever grateful to the amazing cast, crew and studio for their support and for welcoming me into the FAST family.

What is behind his exit?

A reason for his departure is not given in the statement. The “Los Angeles Times” reports with reference to a source close to the production about “creative differences”. There shouldn’t have been a dispute. To what extent Lin will be involved in the eleventh and final part of the series has apparently not yet been determined. He was also to direct this film.

Filming on Fast & Furious 10 began last week. According to media reports, Vin Diesel (54), Michelle Rodriguez (43), Sung Kang (50), Ludacris (44), Jordana Brewster (42), Tyrese Gibson (43) and Nathalie Emmanuel (33) will be there again. Rapper Cardi B (29), who had a much-discussed cameo appearance in “Fast & Furious 9”, will also return. Vin Diesel also announced that Brie Larson (32) will be part of the cast of “Fast X”. In addition, Jason Momoa (42) will appear alongside Charlize Theron (46), who will reprise her role as Cipher, in the tenth installment of the series.

“Fast X” is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2023. According to the “Los Angeles Times”, this date will probably be kept. Although production is said to be on short hiatus while the studio tries to find a new director in the coming weeks…


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