justice suspends the obligation to wear a mask outdoors

The judge believes that this measure should be limited “to places and times of high population circulation”.

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Take off the masks. The Versailles administrative court suspended, Wednesday, January 12, the prefectural decree making the wearing of a mask mandatory outdoors in the Yvelines department. It had been seized urgently by individuals, who wanted to challenge the prefect’s decision to impose from December 31 this port on the entire public space to any pedestrian at least 11 years old.

While recalling that the risk of contamination on the outside exists, the summary judge considered that this obligation should be limited. “in places and at times of heavy population traffic that does not allow physical distancing to be ensured, as well as places where people are brought together (such as markets, gatherings on public roads or city centers) merchant towns). “

He therefore judges that “the measure taken by the prefect of Yvelines is an excessive, disproportionate and inappropriate attack on the circumstances of time and place on the individual liberty of persons”.

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