Justice: Court rules on the danger of price tags

Court rules on the danger of price tags

A court in Munich had to rule on the dangers of price tags. Photo

© Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa

Things can get dangerous in the changing room – at least that’s what happened to a woman in Munich. Now a court has even had to deal with her case, which started quite harmlessly with a T-shirt.

A customer tries on a T-shirt in a store and hurts her eye with the price tag – the Munich I Regional Court does not consider this to be a reason for compensation. According to general life experience, a customer takes a look at the shirt before trying it on. The court ruled in a non-final decision that the customer had no right to be responsible for the price tag and could therefore easily ensure that he did not injure himself. The customer’s request to be specifically informed about the presence of such labels on the clothing was unrealistic and unreasonable.

The woman wanted to put on a T-shirt in an outlet store in April 2023. The price tag hit her in the right eye and seriously injured her, according to the statement on the verdict of the 29th Civil Chamber under the heading “The eye-catching price tag”. The woman had to undergo a corneal transplant. She stated that she still suffers from pain and limited vision and sued for 5,000 euros in compensation.

The court dismissed her claim. The store operator had fulfilled its duty to ensure safety. Customers could expect the presence of a price tag and could reasonably be expected to take their own safety precautions. According to the statement, it was a standard label with rounded corners that was clearly noticeable.


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