Jürgen Klopp signs a new contract with Liverpool FC

Jürgen Klopp signs a new contract with Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2021-22

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Jürgen Klopp had actually announced that he did not want to continue in Liverpool beyond 2024. But now the coach is extending it.

Head coach Jürgen Klopp has extended his contract with Liverpool, which expires in 2024. The Reds officially announced this early Thursday evening. Klopp’s assistants Pepijn Lijnders and Peter Krawietz have also signed new contracts.

As Klopp himself confirmed in a video, his new working paper is valid until 2026. “There’s something to report. I’m staying two more years,” said the 54-year-old German. “I love our club. I hope we will all enjoy our time together.”

Liverpool FC: Jürgen Klopp actually wanted to stop in 2024

Just a few weeks ago, Klopp had said that he did not want to work in Liverpool beyond 2024 and would then plan to take a break. “The plan at the moment is for me to do it until 2024, and then it’ll be: thank you very much!” said Klopp at the beginning of March. “I love what I do. But I’ve said it a few times: there has to be something else in the world than just thinking about very talented, good-looking and fantastically nice footballers.”

Klopp has been a coach with the Reds since October 2015, which he once again formed into an absolute top team in Europe. Highlights of the former BVB coach’s time in England so far have been winning the 2019 Champions League and the 2020 English Championship. already won).


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