Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool) after the victory against Villarreal: “Nothing is over”

(For qualifying) Work remains to be done, nothing is finished. We are 2-0 at half-time, we will have to be 100% concentrated, stay in the right attitude which is not to go there to defend anything. There will be a difficult atmosphere there, they give everything, they fight all the time. Maturity is one of our qualities. We talked about it during the break. We had good legs in the first period, it was intense for us but it was also intense to defend for the opponent. We had to stay very positive, try, fail, try, fail, but try again. The best, on the return, will be to forget the 2-0 on the way out, to tell ourselves that we are 0-0 and to try to win on the return. »

“It will be a difficult test at Villarreal”

Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool, on the microphone of BT Sports : “It was a very organized team, we knew they were going to make it difficult for us, but it was important to stay positive. We knew that by continuing to move the ball quickly, we would manage to find the fault, and we did it by scoring two good goals.

(The first goal) was a bit lucky, but it was after a good building phase and sometimes you need a bit of luck against a team with a low block. This was the case on the first goal, it ignited the public, and fortunately, we were able to register another. The pressure we put on was very good when the ball was lost. But they are a good team, the game is not over and it will be a tough test for Villarreal. »

“The first goal freed us”

Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson on BT Sports: “We created a lot of chances in the first half. The first goal freed us, the noise was incredible after the first goal, which carried us towards the second. With two goals scored and none conceded, we can’t complain.

(About the riot of energy) It was a Champions League semi-final, if you can’t run for 90 minutes you will have problems in this type of match. There has been a high intensity in the last matches, with a busy schedule, but we like that. There is still work to be done in this confrontation, but we are happy with what we produced tonight. »

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