Jungle camp 2023: Tessa in the “Hor-Rohr” trap – dispute after jungle test entertainment

THAT smells like trouble!

day two in jungle camp, and the first residents whistle on the last hole. Two committed rough rule violations. First and foremost reality star Gigi Birofio (23), who couldn’t stop smoking. Lucas Cordalis (55) gave the culprit a lot of steam. The cigarette Zoff was then topped by Cosimo Citiolos nocturnal campfire cheating and his constant argument with Tessa Bergmeier (33).

The Australian bush is already affecting the model. The ex-GNTM candidate complained about the water in the camp on the jungle phone: “It tastes like ash. I can’t drink that. It has such a bad aftertaste.” Lucas lent his ear to her on the bunk. Tessa desperate: “The headache is working. I feel dehydrated.”

Claudia Obert unpacks about Cosimo The REAL reason for the contraband banana

Nevertheless, she bravely went to her first jungle test. “Choose me in every test of my own accord. I’ll do it!” There’s only one thing the vegan can’t do: eat animals. In the “Hor-Rohr”, an underground canal system, all kinds of animals were waiting for Tessa, but not for consumption. Here she should fish wrenches out of boxes and peel off the stars. Tessa while bravely wading through high water: “I won’t hurt you my little crab, little cockroach in my face.”

Animal lover Tessa with a cockroach in her arms

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Your meager yield: three stars. There was a head of lettuce, two pickles, three small sweet potatoes, some tofu and a dead pigeon. She immediately provided beef. Not only the animal lover lost her appetite. Cosimo also grumbled: “They’re dirty and eat their own shit.” Immediately Tessa was brushed on riot again. “They feel just like you!”, she countered. This was enough for Cosimo again. “I don’t understand the woman, she always has a problem with what I say.”

A loud battle of words ensued, which was ultimately about pig farming. Cosimo: “The farmers in Germany are well-groomed.” As an example, he cited “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate Patrick Romer, who showed him his farm during a video call. At least now Tessa and other residents didn’t want to take him seriously anymore. Only in actress Jana Pallaske (43) he found an understanding listener.

Chew first, then swallow Disgust alarm at Claudia Obert

Kippen-Koller at Gigi

According to the regulations, the smoking bush celebrities are only allowed five fags per day. Definitely not enough for nicotine junkie Gigi. He wails on the jungle phone: “I’m trying to control myself with the cigarettes. But I’m just noticing how my lungs are failing.” His workload is actually much higher. He feared: “I hope I don’t get into the nervous phase in which I tremble.”

Gigi satisfies his cigarette addiction

Gigi satisfies his cigarette addiction

Photo: RTL

For a long time Gigi couldn’t control himself. Back at the campfire, he was already lighting the next cigarette while simultaneously puffing on the butts of the others. An action that caused a lot of explosives. Lucas Cordalis had little understanding and took the delinquents to heart. The team boss sternly: “My brother, I have to talk to you about something.” He made it clear to his partner: “You are being watched here. You smoked far too much here.” It remains to be seen whether the action will have an aftermath.

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Cosimo is playing hooky on the fire station

Cosimo upped the ante. He should go Claudia Effenberg keep watch by the fire. But when she went to the jungle toilet, the “Checker vom Neckar” got out of the dust and lay straight back on her ear. Caught by Claudia, he justifies himself with an acute lack of sleep. For this, the candidate was rebuked by influencer Jolina. “It can’t be that you haven’t slept. We all heard you snore. You’re twisting it like you’re the victim here.”

Small ray of light for the “Checker vom Neckar”: Tessa and Gigi have to go to the next jungle test.

Cosimo at the fire station.  He couldn't stand it for long

Cosimo at the fire station. He couldn’t stand it for long

Photo: RTL

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