Jungle camp 2023: Djamila Rowe is the queen of the jungle

Jungle camp 2023
The fans have decided: Djamila Rowe is the new jungle queen

Jungle camp 2023: Djamila Rowe is the new jungle queen


The 16th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” is over. After a final with three different tests, Djamila Rowe has been chosen as the new jungle queen.

The 16th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” is over. And the new jungle queen is called: Djamila Rowe. Jungle Prince is Gigi Birofio, while Lucas Cordalis has reached third place.

Jungle camp 2023: Djamila Rowe is the queen of the jungle

Ironically, Gigi and Djamila accused Lucas of playing the wrong game in the semifinals. The fact that he wants to win for his late father Costa Cordalis – the first king of the jungle ever – was not enough motivation for Rowe. Cordalis fired back in the jungle phone. Rowe had just grown up in the home, so she didn’t understand the motive, he said. A saying that Cordalis could have messed with some viewers.

In three different tests, the finalists have to win appetizers, main courses and desserts as well as the respective goodies and drinks for themselves in the last show. Djamila chooses the test called “Correct” and has to fight for three starters. She has to go to the notorious glass aquarium. Some candidates have failed because of this, most recently “Prince Charming” candidate Manuel Flickinger.

The last exams in the camp

And indeed Djamila has her difficulties. After the water has run in, the make-up artist pulls the emergency rope and is freed from the glass aquarium. “I got a lot of water in my mouth. It was probably nothing,” she says disappointed. Because she has never breathed through a snorkel before, Sonja Zietlow gives her a second chance. But Djamila has to pull the rope again. “Water came through my nose, I couldn’t breathe anymore. My nose is very small, narrow and it’s made too – the mouth works, but the nose was the problem. It annoys me, it sucks,” she explains frustrated.

Jungle test “Krass” is meanwhile waiting for Gigi. It is the food test that is dreaded every year. He is served delicious delicacies and a disgusting alternative. And although the Italian has kept saying how hungry he is, he refuses antipasti, Caesar salad, lasagna, brownie and a Coke Zero. He tries his best to swallow everything that is served to him. In the end he manages three stars – three main courses.

Lucas Cordalis chooses the test “Stable. “Finally you can really stretch out and stretch out,” says moderator Jan Köppen. Lucas Cordalis has to endure eight minutes in a glass coffin, but not alone. Also in the coffin are 15 kilograms of mealworms, 25,000 cockroaches and several dozen rats that happily crawl while the jungle star has to twist off stars with his tongue. It ended up being four – three desserts for camp and a drink for Lucas.

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