Jungle camp 2023: Daniela Katzenberger responds to hate comments

Jungle camp 2023
“He doesn’t read it anyway”: Lucas Cordalis’ wife Daniela Katzenberger responds to hateful comments

Lucas Cordalis in the jungle camp 2023


He wanted to win the crown for his dead father, but in the end Lucas Cordalis has a slightly battered image. Before shutting down his comments on Instagram, Cordalis received support from his wife Daniela Katzenberger.

Everything could have been so beautiful. For 16 days, Lucas Cordalis wanted to show himself from his best side and ultimately win the jungle crown – for his dead father Costa Cordalis, the first king of the jungle in the “I’m a star – get me out of here!” story. But in the end everything turned out differently. Instead of sipping champagne with the crown on his head, Daniela Katzenberger’s husband is confronted with hateful social media comments and has to polish his battered image.

Jungle camp 2023: Lucas Cordalis gets hate comments

Even at camp, Cordalis was not well received by many co-stars. Gigi Birofio in particular accused him of playing the wrong game. Cordalis’ statement about Djamila Rowe should have caused great horror among the jungle fans. The motivation to want to get the crown for his father was not enough for Djamila to justify it. Cordalis then said on the jungle phone: “Maybe she just doesn’t understand my motivation. She grew up in the home anyway!” Despite the large fan base, this statement may have cost Cordalis a higher ranking.

Numerous viewers let off steam, especially on social media. Sometimes it got so hateful that Cordalis – or his team – felt compelled to disable the comment function under his last post. Before that, however, he had received support from his famous wife.

Daniela Katzenberger supports her husband

“My husband’s Instagram page is the best proof of how these hypocritical ‘stop bullying’ slogans can go badly wrong,” she wrote under his video, which was published before moving into the jungle camp. “A little hint from me: Lucas won’t read all this, not because he doesn’t feel like it or doesn’t care, but because he feels like Instagram every leap year,” said “the cat”. “As I said, he likes to write your fingers sore, but he doesn’t read it anyway.”

Katzenberger isn’t the only member of the family clan who jumped to Lucas’ side. Mother-in-law Iris Klein also continuously posted letters from fans during the finale, who pledged their support to the Mallorca singer. Cordalis could use a lot of that in the coming weeks. After the jungle camp, his image is undoubtedly worse than before.


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