Jungle camp 2023: Campers make allegations against Cosimo Citiolo

Jungle camp 2023
There was more hustle and bustle in the Versace Hotel than in the jungle – which Cosimo is said to have done

Cosimo Citiolo at the “Big Reunion” after the jungle camp

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While their protégés fought for the crown in the jungle camp, the companions of the stars in the Versace Hotel fought. The dispute escalated when Cosimo Citiolo left the camp.

The jungle campers and their companions are on the return flight from Australia towards Germany. But that doesn’t stop them from shooting poisoned darts. In her Instagram story, Cecilia Asoro referred to her argument with Cosimo Citiolo, which shaped a large part of Monday evening’s reunion.

Jungle camp 2023: Cecilia blasphemes about Cosimo

She said again that Cosimo snapped at an RTL cameraman. He was also abusive to Djamila Rowe’s companion Yvonne Woelke. Woelke destroyed a marriage, he allegedly said in relation to the rumors about Peter Klein and her. But that’s not all. “The jungle didn’t mind,” Cecilia said from her seat in first class, announcing she wanted to tell the whole truth.

Arriving at the airport, Cosimo pulled out his cell phone and made a few calls in which he attacked his fellow campers, the former “Bachelorette” participant explained. “He said things on the phone like, ‘I’m going to bury them alive’ and shit like that,” she revealed. She’s just being honest, said the reality TV actress, expressing her shock.

“The Great Aftermath”

Immediately after the “big reunion” with the moderator team Zietlow and Köppen, Cosimo hit completely different tones. “I wanted to apologize to the RTL production that you had circumstances because of me. Everyone has their feelings and sometimes they explode faster for me and that’s why I’m sorry,” he said RTL.

Cosimo receives support from Iris Klein, Lucas Cordalis’ mother-in-law, of all people. One thing is clear: there is always enough to talk about for the jungle stars and their companions. The best conditions for the “Big Aftermath”, which will be broadcast on February 12 at 8:15 p.m.

Sources: Instagram ceciliaasoro / RTL


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