Julien Bayou set back “to give a signal”, according to Sandra Regol

A journalistic investigation is underway to study the case of Julien Bayou. The co-president of the environmental group in the Assembly, suspended from office, is accused of psychological violence by an ex-companion. Sandra Regol, the vice-president of the environmental group in the National Assembly, estimated on Wednesday that her withdrawal was “necessary to give a signal” to women.

“Faced with the legitimate questioning of women, feminists, people who have been victims and who feel hurt each time a story of this type comes out in political circles, we have a higher duty, a duty of representativeness” in as “elected by the French people”, explained on France Info MP EELV to justify this “collective decision”.

“We are a feminist party so we put ourselves in complete transparency at the service of women’s voices” and “we have acted that the only way to show that we were not pretending and that we were not hiding was to ‘act a temporary withdrawal of Julien Bayou,’ she continued. “He will be [tant que c’est] necessary, it is not very complicated to step back, it is just necessary to give a signal, ”she added, while specifying that he has not yet been heard by the internal commission. in charge of the case.

“Breaking the moral health of women”

She also confirmed that it is co-president Cyrielle Chatelain who “goes alone, instead of going in pairs” to Matignon on Wednesday for an interview with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. “From the moment the rumor leaves, it is important to manage to clarify for Julien, for his ex-girlfriend”, she completed. “We are not replacing justice, but there are women who ask to be able to act in complete serenity, our job, our duty, is to allow them that”, also justified the deputy.

Tuesday evening, after hours of hesitation, the office of the environmental group in the Assembly decided to suspend Julien Bayou from his duties as co-president. The pressure was becoming too strong, 24 hours after the accusations of “behaviour likely to break the moral health of women” by EELV deputy Sandrine Rousseau, formulated on a television set.

The former finalist of the primary said to have “received for a long time” at her home a “very depressed” ex-companion of the person concerned. The eco-feminist assured that “they are obviously several” to be concerned by these behaviors, evoking an “ongoing journalistic investigation”.

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