“Jugend forscht”: These projects won the national final

Saving people, protecting the environment – young talents presented their great ideas at the national final of “Jugend forscht”.

Bastian Auer wants to save lives. The 20-year-old works as a paramedic in Upper Bavaria. On the ambulance he made the experience: It takes time to attach ten ECG electrodes to the body of a person who is lying on the stretcher with shortness of breath, pain and restlessness. “I thought about how I could reduce the burden on the patients and the time required,” says Auer. The six electrodes have to be glued very precisely to the chest if you want to get a correct ECG. Auer has replaced these error-prone electrodes and the associated leads. An artificial intelligence (AI) supplements the missing signals, delivers a complete ECG – and possible diagnoses at the same time.

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