Jonathan Meese’s “Die Monosau” at the Berlin Volksbühne – Kultur

Carnival reigns elsewhere, in Berlin you can simply go to the Volksbühne and enjoy the games of dissolution in a very relaxed manner. The most recent Volksbühne premiere, a “guaranteed director-free evening” with the promising title “Die Monosau”, does not bother with annoying little things such as meaning and deeper meaning (Henning Nass is responsible for the dramaturgy, the director is said to be a magical creature called ” ART”). The usual political messages of edification to educate the public are not to be feared, after all the original text comes from Jonathan Meese, the self-declared ambassador of an art dictatorship. Meese knows only one goal: the “Gesamtkunstwerk Deutschland” in which everything becomes art. When the total artist proclaims messages, they sound a little different than the sermons of political correctness, for example: “We must become the chavs of art! Call yourself chav Prollotoz!” Or like this: “You will never set foot on the gold island, you ugly faces!” – which presumably means exactly the ideologues who confuse art with a zeitgeist proclamation platform.

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