Johnny Depp employee: “We searched his fingertip after an argument”

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Johnny Depp’s employee: ‘We searched his fingertip after an argument’

A scar can still be seen on Johnny Depp’s right middle finger


It’s been six years since Amber Heard and Johnny Depp separated and the ex-couple is still meeting in court. For a week and a half they have been arguing again and even gory details are coming to light.

Johnny Depp has played the weirdest and craziest acting roles, but the details of his marriage to Amber Heard are also reminiscent of a box-office hit. A court in Fairfax found out Monday that Johnny Depp lost his fingertip in a marital dispute.

The ex-couple is currently suing each other for defamation. She wants $100 million in damages from him and he wants $50 million from her. To uncover the truth behind each other’s allegations of wrongdoing, countless friends, employees, relatives, and even a former marriage counselor are interviewed. On Monday, two employees from the time spoke up, describing a spooky incident from 2015.

Bloody incident between Heard and Depp in Australia

This is said to have happened in March 2015, at which point the couple had been married for just a month. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard stuck with personal physician Dr. David Kipper and nurse Debbie Lloyd in Australia. Depp was filming the film “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” there at the time and the medical staff were part of his traveling staff.

Although both employees are said not to have been present at the incident, they were called for help shortly afterwards. Johnny Depp texted his GP as a plea for help: “I cut off the tip of my middle finger. What should I do? Except go to a hospital of course. I’m so embarrassed that I got involved with her. Q **K THE WORLD!!! JD”, says the doctor. The doctor came immediately and treated the wound until it was taken to the hospital, but the fingertip was missing. However, the doctor could not make any statement about the course of events.

A devastated house, a missing finger, but no one knows exactly what happened

Nurse Lloyd, however, was able to reproduce even more piquant details. When she came into the house, it was devastated. A TV was broken, the walls were damaged and particularly curious: According to Lloyd’s statement, Depp’s hands were full of paint and dirt and the tip of the right middle finger was missing. But no one seemed to know where it had gone. “I remember looking for the finger on the ground floor. Everything was a mess,” said the nurse. In the end, an employee found Depp’s fingertip on the kitchen floor, which allowed it to be sewn back on at the hospital. A scar can still be seen on the actor’s right middle finger.

But there are different versions of what could have happened in the house that night. Heard himself claimed that her ex-husband pushed her against a ping-pong table and the refrigerator. The medic Dr. However, Kipper cannot remember any injuries to the actress. The nurse heard two versions of how the severed finger could have happened: “I heard that Amber should have thrown a vodka bottle at him, but also that he should have hit his hand on a cell phone.”

Heard denied the claim that she threw a vodka bottle at Depp. However, former private doctor Kipper said he went to the house after texting and saw broken glass and blood on the floor – but no blood on the glass. Kipper also testified that Depp told emergency room doctors in Australia that he had cut his finger with a knife.

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