Johnny Depp and lawyer Camille Vasquez: Flirts are not coincidences

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Please take a close look: Why Johnny Depp and his lawyer’s chemistry is his trump card

Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez in the courtroom

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Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez has become the secret star of the defamation lawsuit. The actor could benefit from this – because his defenders are pursuing a clearly visible strategy.

In the end, twelve people decide. No fans screaming Johnny Depp’s name in front of the courthouse, but twelve carefully selected US citizens who must come to a joint decision. Jury jurors are the most important people in the courtroom in US trials. Convincing them is the primary goal of any defense.

Johnny Depp: strategy of his lawyers recognizable

But what if the Twelve already know the actors in the dock? They might have admired them for years, seen their faces in magazines and thought they knew who the person was? Johnny Depp shouldn’t be a stranger to any of the jurors. And you may have already heard Amber Heard’s name. The defenders on both sides are also aware of this.

In Johnny Depp’s case in particular, a clear strategy has been evident for a few weeks that goes beyond the arguments of the lawyers. Because in the courtroom it is not only what is said that counts, in the end not only the statements weigh, but also the short moments in between. In the end, it’s also about: Who does the jury believe more?

Chemistry with Camille Vasquez

Depp is likely to have the biggest trump card in the form of his lawyer Camille Vasquez. The 37-year-old became the secret star of the process after being cross-examined by Amber Heard. Vasquez managed to paint Heard in a bad light, portraying her as dishonest. A big partial success for Team Depp. The actor accuses Heard of having accused him of domestic violence in an opinion piece for the “Washington Post” and thus damaging his career. Heard has filed a counterclaim.

But Vasquez does not only shine in her interviews. Almost as striking as her tenacity is her chemistry with her client, Johnny Depp. Observant observers could see her inquiring about Heard’s well-being after cross-examination and giving him a hug. The chemistry between the two is so good that there are already first rumors of love. On TikTok, users have already posted compilations of all the looks they gave each other, accompanied by romantic music. Some Depp fans had T-shirts printed with the inscription “I love Camille Vasquez”.

It may seem unimportant: Of course Depp spends a lot of time with his legal team these days and at best you develop respect for each other. But that’s not all: Johnny Depp is liked by his defenders, they smile at him, hug him. The unspoken message behind it: Can this man really be a brutal woman beater?

Amber Heard calls him “monster”

“When someone is trying to clear their name in court, the behavior of legal teams and the way they interact with them sends out very powerful non-verbal messages to the jury and – in a case of this magnitude – to the rest of the world.” , body language expert Judi James explains to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. What’s more, James argues that the chemistry between Vasquez and Depp in particular serves a purpose. “Her behavior in court puts Depp back in the role of the romantic hero,” says James. “For Depp’s loyal fans, these dramatic rituals will be like an affirmation. If this smart, beautiful woman thinks he’s okay, then maybe he is,” said the possible external impact.

If you believe the expert, the Hollywood star’s lawyers are counting on exactly that: his star aura. He often played the heartthrob on the big screens. In “Chocolat” a young fool turned Juliette Binoche’s head and so did millions of viewers in love. Equally unforgettable is his dramatic portrayal of “Edward Scissorhands”, this harmless creature, decried as a monster, but actually innocent.

Amber Heard also calls Johnny Depp a “monster”. She paints a very different picture of her ex-husband, far removed from the leading man of cinema. He was a junkie, jealous, choleric. He never had his feelings under control when he freaked out and hit her. Driven by drugs, he changed – away from the romantic and towards something else, something dangerous. She was also blinded by his aura at first, Heard explained. He wooed her, spoiled her with love and gifts.

Is he the romantic hero, or is he the monster who can’t control himself? In the end, that’s the crucial question that the twelve jurors have to answer for themselves.

Source used: “Daily Mail”

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