Jeremy Fragrance causes trouble and fear

Jeremy Fragrance is one of the candidates for the new “Celebrity Big Brother” season. Among his fellow combatants, he quickly causes Zoff – and fear.

On Friday evening the time has finally come: the anniversary season of “Celebrity Big Brother” has started. In addition to Valentina Doronina, Micaela Schäfer and Sam Dylan, there will also be Jeremy Fragrance, who became known as a perfume expert on TikTok. When he first took part in the show, it was clear after a short time: the 33-year-old will polarize quite a bit in the TV container.

Jeremy starts out with four fellow contestants in the attic, one of three areas of this year’s production. The fact that, unlike the other stars and starlets, he refuses to take off his clothes and put on the clothes provided, causes the first argument.

Jeremy Fragrance in his self-proclaimed “signature look” (Source: SAT.1/Marc Rehbeck)

He simply doesn’t want to do without his completely white suit, which he always wears when he posts. “That’s my signature look,” he tries to explain his decision. “That might be more helpful in terms of getting my name out there. ‘Look, that’s the guy who resisted!'”

He would also accept the consequences – even if they could affect the entire squad. This upsets Valentina, Sam, Jay Khan and Jennifer Iglesias once again.

“I’m really scared”

“Jeremy is just annoying,” judges Valentina in the conversation box. “He’s a bad mix of ‘Truman Show’ and Jeffrey Dahmer,” she alludes to the film starring Jim Carrey and the American serial killers. She even reveals to her fellow campaigners: “I’m really a little scared.” When Sam even feared “Are there sharp knives here?” throws in, Jay sternly intervenes: “You don’t seriously think that he’ll kill you here?”

Valentina Doronina: The trash star is annoyed by Jeremy.
Valentina Doronina: The trash star is annoyed by Jeremy. (Source: SAT.1/Nadine Rupp)

In the further course the group just doesn’t really warm up to Jeremy, but he doesn’t really make an effort to catch up either. After all, he says he’s here to get more exposure – so he prefers to speak directly to the cameras rather than his team.

His idiosyncrasy and refusal to discard his “signature look” have consequences for him. Not only does he already seem to have the group against him – Big Brother is also leaving him in the attic for the time being while the others can nominate themselves to move. On the outside, however, the influencer does not seem to mind this punishment.

The current housing situation
attic: Jeremy, Jennifer, Sam, Valentina and Joerg K.
Garage: Tanja, Micaela, Menderes, Diana, Doreen, Jay and Jörg D.
loft: Rainer

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