Jean-Paul Belmondo, Edouard Philippe, “Pékin Express”… A glance at the retro TV of the week

Beware of spoilers… We’re talking about television here. From reality TV to news 13 hours via the regional thrillers of France 3, 20 minutes – and, above all, the incredible editorial team of the “Retro TV” column (made up of one person) – scrutinizes everything that passes on the small screen. But if, you know, this box that comes alive and that young people use to watch YouTube! Every Saturday, this is where you will find our favorites (or not), all the crisp news and indiscretions of the week. Come on, do we take a look at the TV news?

The number of the week

After the emotion, the tributes. Following the announcement of the disappearance of Jean-Paul Belmondo on Monday, the television channels have been put into working order in order to broadcast the greatest films in which the actor has appeared. Monday, there was even traffic jam, since no less than five feature films were offered. That evening, France 2 won the audience battle with 3.5 million people, or 16.5% of the public, ahead of The Ace of Aces.

But this is not the movie that achieved the highest score of the week. The next day, France 2 offered a rebroadcast of the Professional. Faced with the France-Finland match on TF1, the feature film released in 1981 won over 4.2 million viewers, or 19.1% of the market share.

Flash info

While you are reading this article, comfortably seated at home or less well installed in transport, some of our compatriots are currently traveling to distant lands for the fifteenth season of Beijing Express. The M6 ​​show has started filming and will travel to four different countries: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates with a final in Dubai. And this new edition obviously has a small name: it will be called “On the tracks of the golden eagle”.

The instant zapping

If many channels have decided to rebroadcast the classics of Jean-Paul Belmondo after his disappearance, More beautiful life also wanted to pay homage to him in his own way. Tuesday, the day after the death of the actor, a sequence of 38 seconds (and not one more) was broadcast at the beginning of the episode. We see the characters of Laëtitia Belesta, Jean-Paul Boher and Mirta Torres holding a dialogue while listing fourteen Bébel films. Citing so many titles in such a short time is what we call making a Broken.

The “popcorn” info

A former Prime Minister facing Audrey Crespo-Mara. This Sunday, the journalist will dedicate her “portrait of the week”, cult sequence of Seven to Eight, to Edouard Philippe. The current mayor of Le Havre will answer questions about the upcoming presidential election and unveil “the unseen behind the scenes of Matignon”, promises a press release from TF1. Intimate in essence, the portrait will be an opportunity for Edouard Philippe to also evoke his origins, his family and his childhood.

France 2 is embarking on the remake. The public service channel announced that it is starting filming a TV movie named Constance in the Underworld. Miou-Miou will play there an antique dealer who does not meet many people except Amine and Kimmy, a couple of neighbors. One night, Amine seeks help from Constance because his wife fell badly and was killed. “Thinking that the police will not believe this version because of his criminal record, Amine borrows Constance’s car to take the corpse away and make it disappear. This shared secret brings Constance and Amine closer together. But one morning, an anonymous letter accompanied by photos demands a ransom: someone from the building has seen everything, the blackmail begins, ”reveals the synopsis, somewhat similar to that of the 1963 thriller in which Michèle Morgan gave the reply to Simón Andreu.

The common thread of this retro TV of the week, the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo had repercussions on the schedule of TF1 programs. Monday, the channel was to launch A perfect mother, her new series worn by Julie Gayet, but finally released Itinerary of a spoiled child by Claude Lelouch. This disruption of planning forced TF1 to postpone the inauguration of its fiction to a later date, not yet revealed. Next Monday, instead of episodes 3 and 4 ofA perfect mother, the public will find an unpublished number of Josephine Guardian Angel, with Mimie Mathy and Victoria Abril.

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