Jean-Louis Leca castigates the arbitration after the slap received in the derby

Ligue 1: The express debrief of Lens-Lille – 20 minutes

There are evenings like this where nothing goes. Carried by thousands of Lensois supporters to make the short journey between their hotel and the Bollaert stadium, the Sang et Ors saw their hopes of victory soar from the first minute. Pushed by Fofana in the area, Bamba got a penalty for Lille transformed by Yilmaz. And in the 35th minute, Lensois defender Clément Michelin received a second yellow card synonymous with expulsion for a foul on Lille’s Celik.

Two arbitration decisions which precipitated the heavy defeat of the Sang et Or (0-3) and which especially provoked the anger of Jean-Louis Leca. Come to a press conference, the Lensois goalkeeper did not mince his words on Clément’s arbitration. Turpin. “When after 30 minutes of play, you have two big refereeing errors. On the penalty, Seko (Fofana) touches the ball and then Bamba comes into it. It is not possible not to go and see the VAR to find that there is no fault ”.

The Corsican goalkeeper even dared a comparison between the referees and the police. “It’s like the police, they cannot reconsider themselves”, tackled Jean-Louis Leca very frustrated. “You work for a week and after a minute your plans are thwarted. Injustice is the feeling that predominates in the locker room. Despite this defeat, the promoted Lensois, who has had a superb season, is still in the race for a European qualification.

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