Jasmin Tawil: Difficult relationship with the father of her son

In the interview, Jasmin Tawil talks about the difficult relationship with her son’s father and raves about the new man at her side.

From November 10th, Jasmin Tawil (39) will be in the new RTL show “Unbreakable – We make you strong!” (Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m.) her big problems. With nine other celebrities, the actress tries to push her limits physically and mentally. The stars are accompanied by a psychologist and life coach, a professional soldier, a hand-to-hand combat trainer and a personal trainer on their way through emotional ups and downs.

Ex- “GZSZ” actress Jasmin Tawil has long made no secret of the fact that she has psychological problems. On Instagram, she always stresses that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Especially the separation from singer Adel Tawil (43) bothered her very much. In 2018 she disappeared without a trace for a few months until her father even desperately turned to the public. Then she suddenly reported back with an Instagram post and introduced her son Ocean (2) to the world. Today Jasmin Tawil lives separated from the child’s father. In Costa Rica she met and fell in love with a new man. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, she tells of the mental borderline experiences on the show and how difficult the time was without her son. In addition, the actress and singer raves about her partner and reveals whether she could imagine returning from Costa Rica to Germany.

What were you hoping for by participating in “Unbreakable”?

Tawil: I hoped that I would become really unbreakable, so face my fears, dissolve them and just be very strong. I finally wanted to become the person I want and should be. I’ve built so many fears in my life. They piled up in front of me like a wall and kept me from my path in life.

What fears did you want to tackle on the show?

Tawil: I was just scared and had the strange fear that every day could be my last.

You recently said on Instagram yourself that your health was in poor health. What do you mean by that?

Tawil: Yes, that’s right, I have a genetic defect and therefore a 30 times higher risk of developing thrombosis. That’s why I stayed in America with my son, because flights are risky due to this genetic defect.

Do you think that is why it was particularly difficult for you to have such borderline experiences?

Tawil: The experiences I made there helped me enormously because I now know for sure that I can do a lot more than I always thought.

How challenging is it for you to show your feelings on TV?

Tawil: That was a very big challenge for me. It is already difficult for me to be accompanied by cameras because I lived alone for years and as a result developed a certain paranoia. It’s not easy for me when I’m being watched all the time. (laughs)

What were you most afraid of while filming?

Tawil: I wasn’t just scared of dying while shooting, but every day. When I jumped off a mountain on “Unbreakable”, it occurred to me: “Okay Jasmin, your time has come, it’s over.” I was just hoping that “Unbreakable” would make me lose my fear of death, and in a way I have.

Were you able to make friends among the participants?

Tawil: I made friends with every participant. I was closest to Mimi, Ekaterina, Monika and Eric. No, actually I have to say that they have all become my friends. (laughs) They were just so wonderful people, everyone was so unique and I’m grateful that I got to know them.

Did you also quarrel? Who were you particularly offensive to?

Tawil: Yes, there were also arguments, we are all strong characters and there were also big egos. We didn’t always get along, for example I ran into Christian a few times. I’m really offended. (laughs)

You were separated from your son Ocean for a while for the shoot. How difficult was the distance for you?

Tawil: Really very difficult. Even in the run-up it was frightening for me that I am so far away from my son and cannot be there for him. I was also very afraid that something might happen to him. This fear drove me so far that I almost didn’t make it to Croatia.

Her son lives separately from his father, who lives in Hawaii. How do you deal with that?

Tawil: I have tried to deal with the situation well for the last two years and my father has also promised me that he will support us and visit us in Costa Rica. He promised me a lot, but unfortunately he kept none of it. We don’t have the best connection and he doesn’t really care about Ocean either.

You recently announced that you have a new man by your side. How is the relationship between him and your son?

Tawil: My husband is a wonderful replacement dad for Ocean! He takes care of him touchingly, he also has three children himself and knows exactly what it is like to be a dad and to be there for a mother. He is totally family oriented and I am really lucky!

You live in Costa Rica. Could you imagine living in Germany again one day?

Tawil: I could definitely imagine coming back to Germany one day, but not at the moment. In Costa Rica life is very different and also much cheaper. (laughs) If I have the chance to really work on my career in Germany, I will definitely return!

Is there anything currently that you would like to change in your life?

Tawil: I would like a confirmation from “Lets’s Dance”! (laughs) But apart from that, I’m really very satisfied with my life situation at the moment, my son and I are healthy and happy, I have a great man by my side – what else should we change?


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