Japan: You don’t want to be a Shinkansen train driver – economy

The Shinkansen express train is extremely important for Japan. That’s why the train operator canceled the vacation plans of train drivers at short notice. They sued and were initially proven right, but then JR Tokai prevailed. That could still take revenge.

You have to handle the heroes of reliability with care. In this respect, it is not entirely clear whether the legal success that the train operator Central Japan Railway Company, or JR Central for short, recorded last week in the Supreme Court in Tokyo against six of its employees was really a victory or rather a setback for the internationally admired Japanese transport spirit . Because Japanese railway employees are clearly among the heroes of reliability. They carry out their duties neatly in uniform and with unwavering friendliness. Above all, the locomotive drivers among them impress with their iron punctuality. And according to the judge’s ruling, these employees of all people now have to accept that the employer can thwart their vacation plans at short notice.

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