Jan-Fedder-Promenade: Hamburg honors deceased actors

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Hamburg inaugurates Promenade in honor of actor Jan Fedder

The pedestrian passage between Baumwall and Landungsbrücken was previously known simply as the “Elbpromenade”.

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Two years after the death of Jan Fedder, a promenade at the harbor now commemorates the popular Hamburg actor. Jan Fedder’s widow Marion inaugurated the promenade together with Hamburg’s Interior Senator Andy Grote on Friday.

A little more than two years after the death of the Hamburg actor Jan Fedder, a promenade at the port in the Hanseatic city now commemorates the popular artist. Fedder’s widow Marion Fedder and representatives of the Senate inaugurated the Jan-Fedder-Promenade near the Landungsbrücken on Friday, as the Senate announced. The idea of ​​naming the street came up shortly after Fedder’s death on December 30, 2019.

Promenade is in Fedder’s home town of St. Pauli

The promenade, now officially named after the actor, is located directly on the edge of the harbor between Baumwall and Landungsbrücken, many locals and tourists go for a walk there. The area is also closely linked to Fedder’s life, who grew up in the St. Pauli district. His parents ran a pub nearby.

The suggestion to name the promenade after Fedder went back to Marion Fedder, several senators supported him from the beginning. A Senate commission had the last word. The pedestrian promenade did not officially have a name until now, in Hamburg it was often simply referred to as the Elbe promenade. The dedication ceremony fell on Fedder’s birthday.

Jan Fedder: “Hamburger with body and soul”

“The naming of the Jan-Fedder-Promenade is without a doubt the nicest birthday present Jan has ever received,” explained Marion Fedder. The actor was “Hamburger heart and soul”, the port “his home, his elixir of life”. “Couldn’t have found a better place to honor Jan for eternity.”

“He deserves to be permanently reminded of him here on the edge of the harbour, in his territory – we will not forget Jan Fedder,” said Interior Senator Andy Grote (SPD). The promenade is the ideal place “to commemorate the life and work of the great folk actor and well-known model police officer,” he added, referring to Fedder’s prime role as police officer Dirk Matthies in the crime series “Großstadtrevier”.


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