Jamie Lynn Spears: “I love and support my sister”

Jamie Lynn Spears
“I love and support my sister”

Jamie Lynn Spears talks about her relationship with her sister Britney.

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Jamie Lynn Spears talks about her battered relationship with her sister Britney and wonders how it came to be.

The relationship between Britney Spears (40) and her family is considered broken. After the end of her guardianship in November 2021, to which she was subject for more than 13 years, the singer made several negative comments about the behavior of individual family members. Jamie Lynn Spears (30) has now spoken in several interviews about the strained relationship with her older sister.

“I only tried to be helpful”, Jamie Lynn defends himself in an interview with the US magazine “People” against claims that she did not support her sister. To speak of the opposite is “completely ridiculous”. When Britney Spears was incapacitated in early 2008, she had “no say”. “My sister went through a difficult time, I was just a kid – and that’s what everyone is forgetting, I think: I was just a kid who went through my own shit.” Jamie Lynn Spears was 17 years old at the time and gave birth to their first daughter that same year.

“I just wanted to stay her sister”

After much deliberation, she “politely refused to take on a role in the guardianship of her sister as an adult. […] I just wanted to be her sister, very simple. It’s unfortunate that I was drawn into this, but the fact is, I had nothing to do with it. “However, Jamie Lynn Spears insists,” I love and support my sister, and I always will. ” that it is currently a “complicated situation”.

“At some point there comes a point where you can’t help someone who doesn’t want your help,” she continues. “When it starts to get harmful and unhealthy for you and your well-being, then you have to move away from it.” It was “really important” for the 30-year-old to distance herself from her family and to concentrate on her own family. She has been married to Jamie Watson (39) since 2013. The two have their daughter Ivey (3) together. Spears’ second daughter Maddie (13) comes from a previous relationship.

“And she knows that too”

Also in an interview with the ABC program “Good Morning America” Jamie Lynn Spears talks about her relationship with her sister. She tearfully explains that she still loves Britney 100 percent. “I always just loved and supported her,” assures Jamie Lynn here too. In addition, she always did the right thing when it came to her sister. “And she knows that too. So I don’t know why we are in this situation right now.”

On January 18th, Jamie Lynn Spears will publish her memoir “Things I Should Have Said”.


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