James Rodríguez celebrated for saving lives on opponents

Ex-Bayern star
Opponent suffered a heart attack: James Rodriguez hailed for life-saving measures

James Rodríguez during his mission with Ousmane Coulibaly

James Rodríguez helps Ousmane Coulibaly after his heart attack

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James Rodríguez saved an opponent’s life with his courageous intervention and is now being celebrated in Qatar for this.

James Rodriguez has received praise for his potentially life-saving measures after courageous intervention in a precarious situation.

The Colombian provided first aid to the collapsed Al-Wakrah player Ousmane Coulibaly after his heart attack during a game against James club Al-Rayyan in the Qatari first division before the doctors and paramedics arrived.

James reacted with lightning speed and tilted Coulibaly’s head on its side to clear the Mali’s airway. Al-Wakrah’s team doctor, Mukhtar Shabaan, later thanked the Colombian for the quick help Instagram-Post. Without James’ intervention, Shabaan said, Coulibaly could have died.

Coulibaly collapses on the goal line, thanks to James Rodríguez

Coulibaly had collapsed on the goal line during the game between Al-Rayyan and Al-Wakrah. He was then taken to a hospital and given medical attention. It’s still there, but appears to be stable.

“Thank you for your supportive and loving messages,” Coulibaly’s wife announced via Instragram. “Ousmane is in stable condition as a result of his heart attack. He is slowly but surely recovering. He is in very good hands.”

James Rodriguez only moved to Al-Rayyan from Everton FC in Qatar last summer. He has already scored three goals in seven games. He also contributed four templates. From 2017 to 2019 he played on loan for FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.


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