James Middleton: That’s why Kate’s kids are lucky

James Middleton
That’s why Kate’s kids are lucky

Kate’s brother James Middleton is a big dog lover.

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Princess Kate’s brother James Middleton thinks his nephews and niece are very lucky for a reason.

He is the younger brother of Princess Kate (41) – and his great passion is dogs. James Middleton (36) said in an interview betrayed with the British “Ok!” magazinewhy he thinks his niece Charlotte (8) and his nephews George (9) and Louis (5) are lucky.

Middleton thinks they’re lucky “to have a dog in their life.” Unfortunately, he himself did not have a dog as a child and “wrote letters to my parents and tried to persuade them that I could have one”.

Tilly knew “all my secrets”

After all, the family took in golden retriever Tilly when he was a teenager. “I found a lot of comfort in my dog,” says Middleton. “She knew all my secrets then.”

In a BBC interview in 2020, James Middleton revealed that his future dog Ella helped him through his darkest times. “I would even go so far as to say I owe my life to Ella,” Middleton said at the time. “Especially my dog ​​Ella was the reason why I got up in the morning […]”, he confirms now.

At the beginning of the year, dog lady Ella unfortunately died. “It is with great sadness that I announce that my dear Ella has passed away,” Middleton wrote on Instagram. She had been by his side for 15 years and now died in his arms after a very short illness. He will “miss her terribly”.

When his sister Kate and her husband, Prince William, 40, wanted to add a dog to their family in 2011, they chose one of Ella’s puppies, Lupo. After his death, James gave the family a Cocker Spaniel lady, Orla. Especially Princess Charlotte is said to have a very special relationship with Orla.


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