Jacques Santoni, leader of the “Petit Bar” gang, released for medical reasons

The alleged leader of the Corsican criminal gang of “Petit Bar” is free. Jacques Santoni, quadriplegic, was released on Thursday for medical reasons, we learned this Friday from the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (JIRS) of Marseille and his lawyer.

Jacques Santoni, 43 years old and disabled since a motorcycle accident in 2003, was indicted in January by an investigating judge of the JIRS of Marseille and imprisoned, in particular for extortion in an organized gang, aggravated money laundering and criminal association in a vast financial investigation linked to this criminal gang.

Prohibition to travel to Corsica

The investigating chamber of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal “ordered his release without delay without any other consideration, on the basis of his state of health which is incompatible with detention”, s ‘is congratulated by AFP his lawyer, Me Pascal Garbarini, confirming information from Corsica-Morning. He recalled that “17 judicial experts have ruled on the case of Jacques Santoni and have all said, individually or in college, that the state of health is incompatible with detention”.

Jacques Santoni, implicated in several cases related to island organized crime, is subject to judicial control prohibiting him from going to Corsica and coming into contact with his co-indicted, said his lawyer.

The Advocate General had requested continued detention “given his personality” and had requested a new medical expertise. “I am delighted that the court has taken into account the reasoned situation of Jacques Santoni and has done law by leaving aside other considerations that have nothing to do in legal proceedings,” added Mr. Garbarini.

Situation “incompatible with detention”

During a previous release hearing which had been refused at the beginning of July, Mr. Garbarini had submitted a medical certificate from a doctor from the National Public Health Establishment of Fresnes, where he was imprisoned, who considered his situation “durably and definitively incompatible with detention”.

“Fresnes remains able to take charge of Jacques Santoni. He is imprisoned in a health establishment where he is provided with all the necessary physiotherapy and occupational therapy care even if he has not always accepted them ”, then argued Advocate General Pierre Arpaïa by requesting his continued detention. . Me Garbarini said on Friday that he had provided a new medical certificate dated August 3 and which “affirmed that his state of health had not improved”.

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