Jacquelin on the provisional podium but Fabien Claude is building up the pressure … Follow the Ostersund sprint …

Yo biathlixes, are we enjoying our depressing fall weekend? To make you smile again, we offer you your weekly sunshine in snowy weather: a good old live biathlon as we like them. We start on the last race of the first weekend, in Ostersund, with the men’s sprint. 10km, a prone shot, a standing shot, penalty laps and the stopwatch for the sole judge. As regards the running orders, Emilien Jacquelin will start with the bib 15, QFM the bib 24, Simon “Karlito” Desthieux with the 26 and Fabien Claude (aka Claude Claude) the bib 45. On the Norwegian side, Johannes Boe will wear the number 18, Tarjei the 32 and Laegreid, yellow bib, the 35.

>> Meet at 13:45 for the start of bib 1, Jakov Fak

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