It’s time to return to class for Bérénice and her guide dog Opium

Young Berenice, visually impaired, and her guide dog Opium. – Screenshot.

There is a new kid this afternoon at college. Very calm, probably poor in physics chemistry, and not very talkative. It is about Opium, the first guide dog of Berenice, visually impaired. After three weeks of adjusting to tame each other, the 14-year-old returned to class with her new ally. And our partner, Brut, followed them.

Classes are a real job for Opium, which should not be disturbed or fed by other students, in order to stay focused. And even if Bérénice had a little stress before presenting her to her friends in class, it was quickly dissipated given the welcome received. Opium can now remain quietly stretched out between the tables, before going to guide her through the halls of the college.

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