“It’s not all right, damn it!” »Actor Harrison Ford’s rant at the National Conservation Convention

Indiana Jones doesn’t want the jungle and adventure lands to disappear. “It’s not all right, damn it, it’s not all right. The actor Harrison Ford spoke bluntly at the National Congress of Nature in Marseille. The actor sounded the alarm and sent a message of hope for ecology: “The Earth is endowed with irreplaceable ecosystems rich in carbon and biodiversity. By protecting just a tiny fraction of it, we can protect wildlife, air, water, food, jobs and the climate. ”

Harrison Ford recalled that the younger generations were a centerpiece in the preservation of biodiversity: “Young people are often excluded, seen as naive idealists. But they have the energy. They have the conscience. They have the knowledge to do what we haven’t been able to do. Harrison Ford is sounding the alarm bells in our partner Brut’s video.

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