“It took four days for YouTube to ban the clip at least 18 years old”, laments Suzane

“Oh, la, la, I crumpled the silk sheets. I light the candles, sexy atmosphere, in my lexi’ field, without monoi, I oiled the lyrics well. Oh my god, wide shot of the decor… In my girl’s room, I hide treasures, solo, I explore, I navigate, I go gold digging. » Clit is goodSuzane’s new song revealed on Thursday, is an ode to female pleasure.

The title, evoking the clitoris, doubles as a pun in reference to Clint Eastwood. “The female body is often objectified [considéré comme un objet] in the cinema and often staged in the eye of a director. So obviously, when this pun came to mind, I found it funny to wink at a manly figure, explains the artist to 20 minutes. I also said to myself that it was a sign when, a few months after writing Clit is goodI came across a poster of Clint Eastwood’s new movie called Cry Macho [Pleure macho]. »

The song is accompanied by a clip in which the actresses Victoria Abril and Déborah Lukumuena and Kit Picamoles appear. “I chose them because it was important to represent all women, of all generations, of all origins, with different bodies,” emphasizes Suzane. I’m really honored that these actresses put all their talent into this clip and carry the message with me. »

“Representing the female body and female pleasure with accuracy and elegance”

The video is produced by Charlotte Abramov, a Belgian photographer and director who notably collaborated with Angèle – among other things, she signed the cover of her first album and the music video for Swing your what. Here again, Suzane did not choose her by chance: “She is a woman and an artist who is committed and very invested in everything she touches. I knew that Clit is good would take on another dimension with images, images that we sorely missed when we know that the clitoris was schematized for the first time in 2005. It was important for me to represent the female body and female pleasure with accuracy and elegance, which we have tried to do as much as possible. »

Alas, less than a week after it was put online, the clip, subject to an age restriction, is no longer visible to the greatest number. “We worked on it for months but it took YouTube four days to ban it for people under 18, laments the author, composer and performer. Too bad, we would have liked to be heard by young people who will certainly find themselves on a pornographic video much more easily than on our clip. »

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