Israel: Parents leave their baby at the check-in and disappear

Tel Aviv
Parents leave their baby at the check-in and disappear – supposedly they just wanted to continue traveling alone

Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel

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A couple flying from Israel to Belgium left their baby at the flight desk. The parents are said to have tried to get on the plane with just the two of them.

A couple at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport were about to board their plane bound for Belgium when they were stopped by Ryanair staff. The two were advised that they had to purchase a separate flight ticket for the baby they were bringing with them, which they had not done before. Then the unbelievable happened for the bystanders, as “The Times of Israel” summarizes: The parents are said to have simply put the baby on the check-in counter and then rushed in the direction of the aircraft door in order to get at least two people into the machine .

Workers at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport ‘in shock’

However, the airport staff held the two back again, as reported by the French broadcaster TF1 Info. You should pick up your baby immediately. The police, who had been alerted in the meantime, had also arrived quickly to arrest both and question them. “All employees were in shock. We’ve never seen anything like it. We couldn’t believe our eyes,” quoted TF1 Info from a Ryanair message.

However, the “Jerusalem Post” describes a somewhat different course of events at Tel Aviv Airport. It refers to information from the Israeli airport authority. Accordingly, the couple arrived late at the terminal and the check-in counter was already closed. The couple, not accepting not being taken away, left the baby at the check-in counter and went to look for security personnel. The security forces should have achieved that they were all allowed to board the plane together.

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At a request from star the responsible authorities in Tel Aviv have not yet reacted. However, in any case, the parents moved away from their baby. It has not yet been announced whether all three will then go on the planned trip together.

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