Israel News: Protests after Hamas’ sexual violence against Israeli women

“Horror” and “unbearable human suffering”: Aid organizations warn in view of the expansion of Israeli ground operations to the entire Gaza Strip dramatic effects on the civilian population in the coastal area. They also criticize the desolate humanitarian situation there. No one would feel safe if bombs were falling every ten minutes, according to the spokesman UN Children’s Fund Unicef, James Elder, told the BBC. He describes the situation as a “horror”.

“When I see child after child being wheeled in, parents screaming on gurneys with horrific war injuries, they are not safe in hospitals or shelters,” Elder said. In addition to the danger of attacks, the people in the south of the Gaza Strip are also made more difficult by the fact that they are already exhausted from fleeing the north. Photos showed people camping in makeshift tent camps and outdoors among rubble and destroyed buildings. Save the Children warns of the enormous risks the fighting in the south of the Gaza Strip poses to children. After new calls from Israel’s military to evacuate areas, there is no longer a single safe place for children in Gaza, explains country director Jason Lee. “An unprecedented humanitarian crisis is now finally becoming a catastrophe for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.”

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