Ismaning: Attack on helpers after harassment in the S-Bahn – Munich

He stood protectively in front of a 19-year-old on the S-Bahn when she was molested by two young men. The victim suffered a skull fracture, internal skull bleeding and a fractured mandible.

A 41-year-old was attacked and seriously injured at Ismaning S-Bahn station after trying to protect a 19-year-old woman from two men on the S-Bahn. According to the federal police, an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old approached the young woman around three in the morning in an S 8 towards the airport. The later victim saw this as harassment and placed himself between the men and the woman.

Only when everyone involved got out in Ismaning was the 41-year-old suddenly attacked on the platform. He was taken to the hospital with an eye injury. There, the doctors found, among other things, a skull fracture with internal bleeding and a fracture of the lower jaw. The 41-year-old was operated on on Sunday. There is no danger to life, said federal police spokesman Wolfgang Hauner.

The two suspects were identified on Sunday, but are still at large. Why the situation outside the train escalated, whether both struck and what the relationship between the 19-year-old and the suspect is is the subject of further investigations. Witnesses are asked to call the Federal Police Inspectorate in Munich on 089/5155501111.

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