Is Alcohol Dangerous When It’s Hot?

Is Alcohol Dangerous When It’s Hot?

As already mentioned, large amounts of alcohol damage our body. However, if we enjoy alcoholic beverages at high temperatures, consumption can quickly become dangerous. The reason: alcohol removes fluid from the body and can lead to dehydration. This often sets in a few hours after drinking alcohol as a so-called “hangover” with symptoms such as Headache, fatigue, malaise, nausea to the point of vomiting, bad mood or difficulty concentrating noticeable. An increased heart rate is also possible.

When it is hot, the effect of dehydration is intensified again, since the body already needs more liquid to function Fluid loss through sweating to balance. In addition, high temperatures put a strain on our body even without alcohol. In addition to the increased production of sweat, the blood vessels dilate and blood pressure drops, which in turn causes the heart to increase its pumping capacity and beat faster. In combination with alcohol threaten therefore increases the risk of circulatory problems up to unconsciousness. In addition, alcohol can affect perception and cause one to overexert oneself or even a sunstroke suffers.

The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) therefore warns against the combination of heat and alcohol consumption. In a press release from 2018, the BZgA also points out the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption when vacationing abroad. These range from the dangers of drunk swimming in lakes or the sea to heat stroke from dehydration.

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Alcohol in summer: what should I consider?

To avoid health risks, you should consider a few things when drinking alcohol in summer. Because alcohol dehydrates the body and can lead to dehydration, it is important to enough water to take. So always drink a glass of water in between to balance the fluid balance. In addition, you should only consume the alcohol in moderation. This applies not only in summer, but at any time of the year, since alcohol consumption is harmful to the body and promotes the development of various serious diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver and cardiovascular diseases.

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