Iran’s death drones are circling over Kyiv – now the mullahs want to send missiles to Putin

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Iran’s death drones are circling over Kyiv – now the mullahs want to send missiles to Putin

Rockets from Iran could soon hit Kyiv.

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The mullah regime has supplied large quantities of combat drones to Putin. Now, according to reports from the Washington Post, ballistic missiles are also to be added.

Russia fired about 4,000 medium-range precision weapons in this war. The country itself produced a maximum of 400 units a year in times of peace and before the tightening of sanctions by the West. The consumption of the war was met from the stocks of the magazines, which are constantly empty. In the meantime, Russia has become a pariah state that hardly anyone wants to sell military equipment to – only the mullahs’ regime is willing to do so.

On September 18, Iranian emissaries reportedly visited Russia to negotiate terms for further supplies. Two types of Iranian surface-to-surface missiles are said to be on Putin’s shopping list. Iran is currently said to be preparing an initial shipment of Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar missiles.

Accurate weapons with a range of up to 700 kilometers

These are ballistic missiles with a range of 300 or 700 kilometers and a warhead of around 500 kilograms. The drones delivered so far fly at relatively low altitudes with moderate speeds, but can change course at will. Ballistic missiles, on the other hand, launch on the ground, then rise into the stratosphere and fall back to earth in a parabolic trajectory. Modern rockets are able to change their trajectory on final approach in order to hit their target precisely. In addition to the missiles, Moscow is to receive additional Mohajer-6 and Shahed-136 drones. The Shahed-136 is one of the “Kamikaze” drones that launch themselves at the target and then explode.

Although Iran is at the top of the US sanctions list, the country has a powerful defense industry. Components from the West are installed in both the rockets and the combat drones. But these are civilian products whose whereabouts are not controlled and which Iran buys on the gray market. The missiles, like the drones, are inferior to equivalent weapons from the USA, but Iran produces them in large numbers. They are now sufficiently accurate.

Danger of swarm attacks

An exciting question will be whether Russia will succeed in overcoming the air defense systems from the West. Iran counts on breaching any defense with a large amount of cheap offensive weapons, deploying so many systems until the defense’s launchers have fired empty and subsequent missiles or drones then destroy the defenseless battery.

Nevertheless, they will hardly be able to play a decisive role in the war. The destructive power of the weapons is limited and so far the long-range weapons of our own production have not been able to bring Ukraine to its knees. Only the calculation that Russia’s arsenal of long-range weapons is exhausted does not work. In this way, Putin still has the opportunity to expand the war beyond the frontline to include the whole of Ukraine.

Source: Washington Post

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