iOS 17 for iPhone: Well-hidden features you should know about

iOS 17: You should know these well-hidden functions

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The new iOS 17 brings many new functions to the iPhone – even if you quickly overlook them at first. We reveal which ones you should know.

The time has come: After Apple announced iOS 17 in the summer, the system is now available for all users to download. We have already been able to try out the test version for a few weeks and will tell you which of the numerous inconspicuous innovations are worth a second and third look.

Apple is revamping iMessage

This is immediately noticeable: the Apple chats have been cleaned up. Instead of the somewhat strange-looking bar above the chat, photos, stickers or voice messages can now be inserted by tapping the plus symbol next to the chat bar. If you tap on it, a new selection list opens. This not only looks better, but is also clearer.


For some time now, widgets can also be used directly on the home screen on the iPhone. Now with iOS 17 they are becoming even more useful: Instead of always opening the app, users can interact with them directly on the home screen and, for example, simply add tasks to to-do lists like Apple’s Reminders app or the Structured app from the home screen tick off. To do this, all you have to do is hold your finger down on a free space on the home screen and tap the plus symbol that appears at the top left.

Smart lists

Speaking of reminders: With the update, the app itself is also getting smarter. And, if desired, automatically sorts purchases according to product categories.

Bedside mode

Many people also use the iPhone as an alarm clock. Now it gets a suitable bedside table mode. If the iPhone is charging and lying vertically, when touched it shows a special surface with a large clock view and further information.

Better airdrop

Sharing files via Airdrop is already easy, but now it’s even more intuitive: If you hold two iPhones close to each other, they connect automatically. This allows photos or files to be transferred easily.

Push contacts over

Transferring your contact details is also easier thanks to the direct connection: If you hold two iPhones close to each other whose owners have not yet saved themselves, the devices ask whether you want to exchange the contact details – without having to type them in.

Voice messages to read

Listening to the mailbox can quickly become annoying, especially with longer messages. With iOS 17 this has come to an end: the messages can be transcribed if desired and displayed directly as text.

Facetime with answering machine

Speaking of mailbox: If you miss a caller on Facetime, the person can now leave a message there too – as a pure audio file or even as a video clip.

AirTags for everyone

Apple’s AirTag tracking chips help to quickly find items – but unfortunately only for one clear owner at a time. Sharing objects within the family was previously not possible. Now you can finally make the AirTag in your suitcase, school bag or bike visible to family members.

Better correction

The iPhone’s autocorrect always causes bizarre errors. With iOS 17, thanks to AI, it learns a lot – and often suggests entire words before they have been typed. And: Finally, she can also help with swearing and spell swear words correctly if you want.

Eggs and potatoes separately

If you use the iPhone as an egg timer, you quickly reach a limit in the kitchen: previously you could only set one timer at a time, with a new one replacing the old one. With iOS 17 you can now have several running in parallel.

Cards even without a network

Apple’s navigation app Maps has caught up with Google Maps in recent years – and even does some things better than the market leader. However, an offline function was missing. With the new system you can finally save map sections directly on the device and use them even without an internet connection – for example to save electricity or data.

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