Interview with Volker Heissmann: “Then you can’t play a fool” – Bayern

Volker Heissmann is a comedian, head of theater and president of Greuther Fürth. Most people know him in the role of “Mariechen”, but who is the person under the wig? A conversation about Franconia, God and the question of how he wants to die one day.

Interviewed by

Katja Auer and Olaf Przybilla, Fuerth

Volker Heissmann, 53, is probably best described as a “humor entrepreneur”. He runs a theatre, will soon be moderating the BR Sternstunden again and has several hundred performances a year in various roles, often with his acting partner Martin Rassau. He welcomes us to the Berolzheimerianum, a Fürth Art Nouveau building with a foundation history, the listed seat of a restaurant and the “Comödie”.

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