internet users shocked by public votes during cross battles

This Saturday, April 23, in the episode of The Voice, the candidates clashed during the cross battles and the choices of the public annoyed Internet users. TF1 screen capture

This Saturday April 23, an unpublished episode of “The Voice” was broadcast on TF1. The candidates had to face each other in the dreaded terrible test of the cross-battles. This time, the coaches had no say, but the public’s choices angered internet users.

Like every Saturday evening, viewers had the pleasure of finding a new episode of “The Voice”. Last week in the ultimate number of battles of this eleventh season 11 of TF1 music show, Vianney has drawn the wrath of Internet users by eliminating Henry against Pauline. But on April 23, the four coaches of the program were no longer in control of the votes. In this new episode of “The Voice: the most beautiful voice”, the competition was fierce. The candidates still in the running had to compete during the cross battles. This is the “most dreaded” step by all the talents, but especially by the members of the jury. And for good reason, everything can change in an instant.

Discover the portrait of Nikos Aliagas:

The cross battles stage is undoubtedly the most strategic and uncertain of The Voice. At each new round, Nikos Aliagas shakes hands with a coach, who first chooses to challenge one of his colleagues. The two celebrities then send one of their talents for a particularly intense face-to-face. And it is ultimately the public present during the filming of the show who chooses which candidate can continue the adventure. Neither Vianney, neither Amel Bentneither Florent Pagny nor Marc Lavoine can influence their choice in any way.

“Is it a hearing-impaired audience?”

This Saturday, Marc Lavoine opened the ball against his friend Florent Pagny. And this first cross battle of the evening started in apotheosis. Two “warriors” clashed on the stage of “The Voice”. Maestrina and Jade both offered breathtaking performances, but the public finally gave Florent Pagny’s candidate another chance… To the great despair of Internet users. As the first performances progressed, a real gap was created between the Twittos and those who were requisitioned to vote. Discovering the talents selected, Twitter subscribers cried foul. If some have even accused the votes of being “rigged, others have started to talk about the second round of the presidential election, which will take place this Sunday, April 24. “The audience of The Voice, must not go and vote tomorrow “, even tweeted a surfer, looking worried.

However, the trend was gradually reversed during the evening. If the first part of “The Voice” unleashed passions as the votes of the public were the opposite of the preferences of the Twittos, the opinions joined during the passage of Caroline Costa. Unanimously, the candidate who has been talked about so much was chosen by those present in the room.

A public pro French songs?

Nevertheless, some Twitter users pointed out a detail that bothered them a bit. For Internet users, the public only favored candidates who sang songs in French…

So there were many twists and turns during this episode of “The Voice”, since the production brought a little novelty to the test of cross battles. The four coaches each had the right to a joker, allowing them to draft a single candidate from their team.

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