Internet security: EU Parliament wants stricter rules for online purchases

Internet security
EU Parliament wants stricter rules for online purchases

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Whether books, clothes or electronic accessories: Many people regularly shop online and have the products conveniently delivered to their homes. Now they should be better protected.

The European Parliament has approved stricter rules to protect consumers when shopping online. Dangerous products should be taken out of circulation more quickly and recalls should be more effective, the EU Parliament announced in Brussels. The EU states still have to agree, but this is considered a formality.

Online marketplaces must therefore work more closely with the market surveillance authorities. In future, products originating from countries outside the EU can only be placed on the market if there is an “economic operator” based in the European Union who is responsible for their safety.

This means that consumers or market surveillance authorities must have a contact person in the EU. According to the new rules, information about the safety of the products must be given in clear and easily understandable language.

In the case of recalls, buyers should not only be informed about the recall, but they must be offered two remedies. Claims such as a right to repair, replacement or reimbursement of costs are then possible, at least in the amount of the original price – even if the statutory guarantee has expired.

The new regulations are intended to combat security risks associated with new technologies and increasing online sales, it said.


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