International Motor Show: No Commerce at Odeonsplatz – Munich

Even in its third year in Munich, the International Motor Show (IAA Mobility) is not so easily rid of the negative image of the horsepower-loving car show, as a sometimes controversial discussion between leading officials and local politicians showed. In addition to basic commitments to sustainability and climate neutrality, Economics Officer Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) in the Altstadt-Lehel district committee primarily outlined what residents and visitors can expect from August 31 to September 13 this year. Until then, the trade fair, including the set-up and dismantling phase, will occupy public places before and after the actual six event days (September 5th to 10th) – including Königsplatz (Maxvorstadt), Ludwigstrasse, Wittelsbacher- and Max-Joseph-Platz, the Residenzhöfe, parts of the Hofgarten or the Marienplatz.

In addition, for the first time, two bike test routes will be designated in the English Garden, one at the Chinese Tower and one at the Kleinhesseloher See. The city council introduced a significant change with the resolution for non-commercial use of Odeonsplatz. There will no longer be company stands here, but areas prepared by the city to “stay and relax” directly in front of the Feldherrenhalle and offers for children and adults to “participate and be inspired” further north. As Baumgärtner assured, most of the seating, loungers and decorative furniture used came from “Summer in the City” and will be used again afterwards.

The company stands will move north to Ludwigstrasse, which will be closed for this purpose. The alternative traffic will be diverted to the ring road in the north so as not to unnecessarily burden Oettingenstrasse, Emil-Riedelstrasse and Sternstrasse in Lehel, the speaker assured the concerned district representatives. They were also not too happy about the settlement of stalls on the southern border of the Hofgarten, where the main cycle route runs through the old town between the Herkulessaal and the park. Baumgärtner promised that not only trade fair visitors on a partially electric test drive, but also everyday cyclists on their daily route would get through.

In general, the 2023 IAA will be more consistent because corona-related fencing will be eliminated for the first time. Due to the proximity to the State Chancellery, there is always a high presence of security forces in the courtyard garden. It is therefore hardly to be expected that the Diana Temple and Renaissance Garden will be “dismantled into their individual parts” by the masses of visitors, the economics officer deliberately casually tried to allay corresponding concerns. The city is also taking precautions when it comes to providing well-signposted toilets for visitors – all the more so since the underground public toilet facility at Tambosi has to remain closed until further notice, and the basic renovation here is due to cost a “large six-figure sum”, according to Baumgärtner .

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