International Monetary Fund – IMF Chief Economist Gopinath to become Vice Director – Economy

The chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Gita Gopinath, is set to become the organization’s number two after director Kristalina Georgiewa. The former first deputy director Geoffrey Okamoto will leave the organization early next year, the IMF said; accordingly Okamoto wants to work again in the private sector. The fund had last announced that Gopinath would leave the IMF in January after around three years and resume teaching at the elite Harvard University. Now it stays – and rises to number two from January 21st. The head post at the IMF is traditionally reserved for a European, the former EU Commissioner and World Banker Georgieva comes from Bulgaria. The vice post therefore traditionally goes to a US citizen, most recently to Okamoto. Gopinath, who was born in India, is also a US citizen. According to the IMF, she also holds Indian foreign citizenship.

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